Photography has changed over the years. With the transition from film to digital, and with people’s lives becoming faster paced, instant and on demand, the love for physical art has become a romantic memory, left to fade into time along with the other media forms of yesteryear such as vinyl records and video cassettes. And whilst there is a good argument as to why digital media is a benefit to all of us. With its everlasting presence, and the ability to send it half way across the world in just a few movements of a well-exercised thumb, digital media has brought us closer together despite what geographical distances may be between us. So why do some of us still long for printed photographs?


It’s all about what they convey. The emotions and connections that you feel toward something that you can hold in your hand is far beyond those that you can experience by looking at a screen which can supply you with anything you want, whenever you want. By holding a print, you are forced to look, to feel, to see. You can’t swipe to the next one, you can’t delete it, you cannot simply replace it. It is and it will always be. You feel the photograph in you, the memory somehow flowing from the object in your hand to you heart and soul. It’s something different, and by simply being different, you pay attention.


It’s not all about holding a print or Polaroid either. How many times have you been out and bought a canvas a picture frame with a somewhat random image plastered inside? Ask yourself, what does this image make you feel? Does it make you feel anything other than “that’s a nice picture”? Wouldn’t you rather have something on our wall that you walked past everyday that made you smile, made you cry, made you laugh? That picture of a horse replaced by a picture of you and your first car. Remember how bad it was? How it felt? How much freedom and joy it brought to you? Or replace the picture of a random sunset with one of you and your family at the beach on your first family holiday. Feel the sand, the sea. Remember the smells and the heat. Hear the sounds. Photographs aren’t just there to look nice. They are our memories, our legacy, our record of where we’ve been, who we are and what we’ve done. Without them, we would know very little about the past and would have nothing to give to the future.


As a wedding photographer, I’d hate to know that every image I took was destined for the online world. The Facebook galleries or Instagram feed, replaced over time with snapshots of breakfast or news articles that have a hard time justifying themselves as journalism. There’s no need to print and frame all of them. There’s also no need to have all of them put into a book. Print the ones that make you smile. Create a story book, one that flows through your wedding day start to finish, capturing the chaos and creativity that made it the wonderful experience that it was, and relive that day over and over. When the pictures are on your phone or on your tablet, you have to go and look for them, scrolling through everything that’s happened since then, distracted by the pop-ups that life brings with it. But when you see the book on your coffee table, you feel the excitement, the urge to look through it again and again, never letting the memory fade and turn into an “on this day” reminder.

Prints aren’t just for vanity or aesthetic purposes.

They bring your memories to life.