In the midst of a global pandemic, so many weddings were pushed back, cancelled or re-worked. This may not have been the original plan for victoria and rhodri, but after a lot of hard work and determination to make new arrangements, their wedding day went ahead (in secret I might add) so that they could finally make it official and call themselves husband and wife.

What an amazing end to a somewhat questionable year. I love winter weddings, and this one was just that little bit more special.

Joy All Around

For anyone out there that thinks that smaller weddings are less fun than the traditional all-out party-centric days, these two wonderful people proved that even a smaller wedding can bring huge amounts of joy and laughter. A beautiful journey around the wonderful Danesfield house allowed them to celebrate their new adventure together, looking forward to a big celebration when the world goes back to normal.


Here is a somewhat small selection of images from the couple of short hours I had with Victoria and Rhodri on that sunny December morning. It’s amazing how much actually happens in such a short amount of time!