Inspired by the stories of others, telling their tales of their journey through life in pictures and words, I thought that I would share my story, my journey, and how photography has been my escape from the world, and how its helped to shape it.


It may sound rather egotistical to have oneself define themselves as a blessing. But I do believe that I (and please bear with me here), and all of those who document and materialise memories into a somewhat tangible and physical form, are a blessing upon those who benefit from receiving the output of an artistic vision. This doesn’t just include working professionals, the ones who make a living recording and sharing the smiles and laughter between a strongly bonded group of friends.

It’s anyone and everyone.

Anyone who has documented and recorded incidents, moments, a split second of substance, a flash of importance or simply a nanosecond of beauty, you are the ones that allow people, families, friends, loved ones and many more, to relive their most precious seconds on this Earth, over and over again. You are a blessing. You keep the smiles going long after they have faded, and you bring a light to the darkness where once there was a shining star.

Recording even the somewhat mundane aspects of everyday life can mean literally the world to the right recipient. Does your Dad, or Grandad, just sit around all day reading a newspaper in a particular pair of slippers, in the same chair day in day out? It may seem unimportant at the time, as you may be thinking “it’s not exactly interesting”. But one day, when that chair sits empty, the slippers unfilled, that photograph will bring everything flashing back, and for a tiny moment in time, he will be back with you once more.

And that is why, I also feel blessed to be able to do what I do. Recording slivers of time that will be an absolute joy to look back on in years to come. Because there are so many moments in this life that going flying by without even a mention in passing conversations, memories that sink into the sea of time. But since I started taking more of an interest in photography, and especially documentary photography, they have begun to re-surface. In the digital age, they can even pop-up when you least expect.


Those little moments when you lest expect them to appear. They are what I love to remember. And in the digital age, it can be so exciting to have one of those little “this day 3 years ago” reminders pay you a visit first thing in the morning. When I click on through and see the smiling faces from yesteryear shining back in my direction, it makes me so happy that I was there to capture those moments. And they’re not just for me, but my entire family. In the new age where we all live a little bit further away from one another than we once did, documenting our lives brings people in, when distance prevents them from being there in person.

Getting a beautiful shot of my daughter with her tiny teeth peeking through is a wonderful moment to share, especially in recent times where we have all been isolated and kept from the ones that we love. Photography lets me hold on to these memories forever, and share them with the ones that care.


Over time, the very idea of leaving home without a camera either in my bag or in my hand has become a thing of the past. I feel like photography has become the thing that I am destined to do, whether it be for myself, for others, or just for the sake of capturing snippets of history that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. The very notion of taking a photograph and being able to make someone smile when you hand it across to them makes me so warm inside, like I have captured a little piece of someone’s heart that they can share with others now and forever.

I believe that by getting into photography I have come to realise just how much beauty and passion there is in the world around me. How much laughter, how much sorrow and how many different stories there are to be told. I will never capture everything and I certainly never envisage that what I do will ever become widely regarded as important or noteworthy. But when I take a photograph, it isn’t for everyone. It’s for me. It’s for the mother hugging her toddler who will one day grow old. It’s for the proud father giving his daughter away on her wedding day. It’s for you. Photography is just that one little gesture that I can make that can make someone’s world come to life, all within an 8x10 piece of paper.

Photography isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion.

A meaning.

A reason.