After moving down to the Ole “Big Smoke” a number of years ago now to peruse new adventures, it’s now time to up-anchor and set sail on a new course. It has become a little bit cramped in our little flat due to the ever-expanding team of miniature apprentices who so dearly love to climb and clamber where tiny limbs should not. With crayons and cuddly pouring out of every crack and crevice that is available, it’s time to make room to breathe and move on to pastures new.

As of March this year, we made the decision that we would leave behind our city lives. Shed ourselves of the morning commutes, crammed into a small metal tube like sardines in a tin. Away from the hustle and bustle of the brick jungle that we called home for so many years. It wasn’t an easy decision, and I will miss it dearly. The never-ending deluge of sights and sounds provided by the people of the city have provided me with inspiration and drive to crawl forward on this photography journey of mine. Meandering alongside the river has provided me with so many memories, happy and sad, good and bad, and it has made me who I am today, both mentally and creatively.

So with that said, I am relocating to the place that my partner in crime calls home, to South Wales, across the water, across the bridge where the shirts change from white to red, and the rose is replaced by a fierce dragon. Although that doesn’t mean that old loyalties fade. If anything, they’ll more than likely flourish.


So it’s goodbye to the office/bedroom/music room/games room/guest room (and yes, that is all in one).

With a new space to call my own comes a new form of inspiration, a new place to learn, to be able to better myself as a person and professionally and push on forward with this photography path that I am destined to walk. With all that’s gone on this year, having something to look forward to is such a “nice-to-have” that I feel blessed that I can even contemplate such things. So many people have had their lives turned upside down and others, their celebrations of love and happiness cancelled or delayed (I’m not comparing the two, everything should be take in its own contextual bubble). So I am doing what I can to help people in a way that I can. And I look forward to bringing more smiles to peoples’ faces for many years to come.

As someone once said, “we’re not saving lives, we’re saving memories”. But everyone has their part to play, and if that is to be my role, then I will grasp the reigns with both hands tightly, and ride on with all of the determination and strength that I can summon.