The group shot is a good old traditional part of a wedding day. Capturing everyone in their fancy get-ups in whichever team they belong to, it's a good way to ensure that you have at least one photograph of everyone at your wedding day.

I always try and keep this section of the day as short as possible to avoid becoming the annoying photographer, as I'm sure that the people being photographed would rather be chatting with everyone and drinking the free Prosecco!

So how do I recommend you keep these sessions as enjoyable as possible?


You're still at a wedding, and even though the group sessions are a little more formal than the rest of the day, they don't have to be super-serious-everyone-is-posed-perfectly shots. They're supposed to represent you as a group and how you connect with each other.

The best way to think of it, is how would you pose for a group selfie? That's how, in my opinion, you should look at your group shots. Let's take the "formal" out of Family Formals, and turn something a little bit boring into something fun!


Sometimes, you can't capture all of the group shots that you want. Maybe the weather turns, maybe something has been delayed so there's time than planned. That's why I always get my couples to start with the most important photos first so they don't go without them.

It's also good to remember that the more photographs you have planned, the more time this section of the day will take. On average, it takes 2-3 minutes for small groups per photograph, 5-8 minutes per medium sized groups and sometimes up to 15 minutes for large groups! This can add up quickly off you have a large number of photographs that you want to capture. I've heard of some weddings going up to 2 hours on group shots alone!


One way to speed up the process on the day is to have someone round up the people needed for the next photo on the list. I always carry a print out of the list that you send me, so it's just a case of finding the person with the biggest pipes who knows who everyone is (which is the thing that I struggle with, being a complete stranger and all).

By having the next group ready to go, we can speed up the process and get you back to the bar!

NUMBER 4. - Choose a location

This is more of an optional one; and as a photographer I will more than likely recommend a location for my couples to have their photographs taken. But if you have somewhere in mind, maybe somewhere that you really like the look of or somewhere that's important to you both, then let your photographer know.

One thing I always like to keep in mind is that grassy areas can become very wet and very boggy on rainy days (not a good thing for those wearing large heels). So you may have to choose somewhere that has a little more firm ground.