Here we go. Another lovely day out in Ogmore-on-Sea, with a gorgeous church ceremony followed by a trip to the wonderful little Cobbles Kitchen & Deli. The sun was shining bright this day, which always gives everyone that extra bit of energy.

Restrictions still in place, I took my designated spot in the church and watched on. The music played, the vows were said and it was finally official. Laura & Owain were married! So we exited the church and watched them celebrate their marriage with the release of two doves. You can see a couple of pictures of this below.


From the church, we headed down the road to one of favourite places to visit, Cobbles Kitchen & Deli. It's a fantastic little venue, but it also does some amazing food, so I know I'll never go hungry.

Once the food was served, the speeches were brief, allowing everyone to head downstairs and get their dancing shoes on!