It's a date that Jessica and Darcy will never forget. And for good reason. This was one of the first weddings I shot just after the Covid restrictions were lifted, so the dance floor was packed, the drinks were flowing and it was just an all-round knees up. I'd have stayed all night if it weren't a 4 hour drive home!

the venue

East Horton Golf Club is an absolutely wonderful place, especially when the sun is beaming down outside! The ceremony room is this classic looking, beam filled loft, which just lets the light pour in from the front. It really creates a romantic vibe for the ceremony and illuminates the couple in front of all their friends and family.

Lets get ready

As every wedding day starts, the prep session kicks off and the champagne starts to flow. I really like covering this part of the day as it lets me in to the stories behind the day, and lets me get to know a few characters before the wedding starts (and I normally get a feel for who will be the ones to watch once the party starts).

let's get married!

After a fun-filled morning, it was finally time to make our way over to East Horton Golf Club for a good old wedding! The cars turned up, everyone piled in. All the planning had led to this point. he excitement and the nerves started to grow and you feel the buzz in the air.

time to party

With all of the formalities out of the way, it was time to let the hair down, put on those dancing shoes and just dance the night away. It was such a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone was just so happy. It really was a great wedding to be a part of.