Hello There.

Welcome to Rivers & Roads, my creative vision for all things wedding photography.

My name is Luke, and I am a professional wedding photographer and family photographer based in Newport, South Wales. I would say that my style is primarily candid photography, with a splash of traditional thrown in for the perfect balance.

I'm not one for being the centre of attention, so whenever I photograph a wedding I like to stay as discreet as possible, using minimal equipment which in turn is as small as I can make it whilst still being able to create beautiful images for you. I also have a love for natural light and will use it as much as possible throughout the day, meaning no huge light stands or distracting flashes. I like to capture a wedding in such a way that it looks I was never even there (outside of the portraits and family formals).

Outside of Weddings.

Why I'm not photographing weddings, I'm at home with my wife and children (who are normally always up to mischief). The little ones range from 1 up to 8, so I can be very handy on a wedding day if you need a hand here and there (I have been chief shoelace tier a number of times).

I like to spend what free time I do have binging a Netflix show, exploring the local area on my bike, or just relaxing with a good video game. I also do a lot of personal photography, mainly of my family. I see it is as a responsibility to document these moments as they won't all be this small forever.

"It's these little moments that you can't plan for, they're over in the blink of an eye, forever left to being just a memory."

Why I Do What I Do.

So why did I choose wedding photography over everything else?

For me, it's the blend of perfectly planned and imperfectly natural. There are the big moments in the day (the ceremony, the first kiss, the first dance) which are beautiful moments to capture. Then there are the moments in between these moments, that natural and candid ones, a smile here or a glance there, maybe even someone shoving a rather large piece of cake into their mouth. It's these little moments that you can't plan for, they're over in the blink of an eye, forever left to being just a memory. Those are the moments that I really love to capture, because no matter how hard you try, you just cannot recreate them.

Every wedding is a privilege. I'm being invited along to one of the most important days of someone's life. I want to create something that brings that day to life every time you look at it. I want it to make you laugh, make you cry, make you hear that song again or feel that moment run through you once more. I don't just take photographs, I curate a collection of snippets in time, which come together to become your wedding day once it's all over and everyone has gone home.

"I don't just take photographs, I curate a collection of snippets in time, which come together to become your wedding day once it's all over and everyone has gone home."

Why Choose Me?

Creating a unique experience


Weddings have the big moments. The first kiss, the first dance, the cake cutting. But if you just had pictures of those moments, the feeling and stories of the day would be lost. It's the moments in between the big moments that tell the real story. A conversation here, a terrible joke there, a look, a smile, a glance. It's these little moments that bring back the memories and the feelings that you felt at that exact moment in time. A photograph should make you feel something, hear something. By photographing the in-between, you can relive your day over and over.


Photography should never ruin the moment. Ever. The moment that people complain to me about the way that I'm photographing, is the moment that I'm no longer shooting in a documentary way. Luckily, this has never happened, and most of the time I go to say goodbye and everyone thinks I left a while ago. I'm not one for dragging people around and putting them in a certain spot for that perfect photograph. That's just not fun for you or your guests. Your wedding day should be spent together, not with some bossy photographer.

As a documentary wedding photographer, it's my responsibility to capture these important moments in time as best I can, sometimes really close up to people, without getting in the way. That is the skillset of a documentary photographer. Taking photographs of intimate moments without being noticed and without interfering. 


Lots of documentary photography is shot in black and white. I myself used to shoot a lot of my images in black and white for that classic feel. Don't get me wrong, it's still a beautiful look, but I want my photographs to feel a little... different.


Over the last couple of years, I've fallen back in love with colour again. And not the usual light, airy and desaturated look that seems to be in trend at the moment, but punchy crispy colour that screams fun and joy. I found the love for this look when photographing my own family. If I t was taking photographs of the little ones, I needed to create look that captured the sheer joy of the moment.

I want your wedding photographs to be fun to look back on in years to come so that you too can relive the joy and happiness from those moments in time.


If there's one thing that makes every wedding a new and unique experience, it's the people. You can have the exact same venue, dress, cake, music, anything, but the people will make it a one of a kind event. Each person has their own personality, and it's this that I bring across in my photographs. The posy one, the bad dancer, the one who hates the camera, it's always fun capturing the little things that make people who they are. 


In an effort to remain as discreet as possible, I love to shoot using just the light that is available. I have shot some incredibly challenging venues when it comes to using natural light, not because I don't like using it (there are certainly situations where I absolutely have to use flash) but because I want the photographs to look like your wedding day. If you have a dance floor full of purple swirls and green spots, then I want these in your photographs. By using flash and lighting up the whole dance floor so much it looks like all of the lights are on, it loses that feel, and it doesn't invoke that same "oh yeah, can you remember that!?" feeling that a true and honest natural photograph does. 

Capture Your Memories

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